Hello! Rachel Swirsky Joining Last Short Story

Hello! I am joining Last Short Story. I’m excited to be here.

My name is Rachel Swirsky and I write short fiction. I have an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop. I’ve been nominated for the Hugo, the Locus, the Sturgeon, the Million Writers Award, and the World Fantasy Award, and last year, I won the Nebula in the novella category. I’ve also edited some short fiction: I was the founding editor of the audio reprint magazine, PodCastle, and I recently co-edited (with Sean Wallace) an anthology of the decade’s best Jewish science fiction and fantasy, The People of the Book.

For the last three years, I’ve been trying to read as widely as I can so that I can participate as an informed nominator in the Nebulas and the Hugos. Also, it makes me feel much better as a writer when I have an understanding of what’s going on in the field. When I was editing the reprint market, this happened kind of naturally: stuff would come over the transom, or I’d seek out various magazines and anthologies, so that I could find what fantasy I wanted to reprint. These days, I don’t have that excuse so sometimes I lag behind and then have to play catch-up.

My goal for 2012 is to keep up with eight online markets:

Apex Magazine
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Subterranean Online
Strange Horizons

And three print:


As well as various anthologies, and short stories that come to my attention either because I’m a fangirl of the author’s or because they’re highly rated.

There are a few other markets I’m interested in–such as (but not limited to!) Redstone SF and Bull Spec–but I want to start with these before I bite off anymore. For all I know, I may not be able to chew this much.

About Rachel Swirsky

Hi, I'm Rachel! I write science fiction and fantasy short stories. I've won the Nebula Award twice, and been nominated for the Hugo Award, the World Fantasy Award, and some other things. My seventy or so short stories are available around the internet as well as in print, and many of them are in my latest collection, How the World Became Quiet. I have a masters degree in fiction from the University of Iowa. I have five cats. I like my cats, but strongly suggest one stops at three. Or two. Excuse me, I have to go take care of cats.
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