Pleased to meet you how’s by you nice talking with you keep in touch

Oh hello, I didn’t see you there.

Well it’s been a few months since I rejoined the LSS crew (as they’re colloquially known when sailing or beatboxing) and I suppose it’s about time I did an introductory post.

My aims for the year are to check out a lot of the smaller magazines, particularly online as I can’t be arsed seeking out hard copies in this digital age, I mean really.

I guess I’ll be trying to get a feel for some of the newer, less prominent mags that the other LSSers aren’t reading, in hope of picking up a few gems that fall through the net.

That said, I’m not planning on reading three thousand stories again! So I’ll be starting by casting my net wide but narrowing it as the year goes on.

I’ll also be checking out a lot of the higher profile mags too, because well, they publish some good stuff.

I enjoyed having a break last year but I gotta admit, I missed having my finger on the pulse of what’s going on out there.

So what am I reading? I almost certainly heard you ask.

Well so far I have been dipping my toes into:

Abyss & Apex






Beneath Ceaseless Skies



Comets and Criminals

Expanded Horizons



Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Intergalactic Medicine Show



Strange Horizons


Under the Moons of Mars (anthology)


Anyway, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Onward!


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