Catching up on Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, Apex

So here I am, leaping into the short story reviewing fray, just a few months behind everyone else. (actually this is quite early for me to be starting – usually I don’t properly leap into the water until April, May or sometimes an extremely panicked June).

So this week I’ve consumed the last three months worth of Clarkesworld, Apex and Strange Horizons. And wrote lovely, erudite reviews of four stories from those magazines, only for WordPress to COMPLETELY eat them. Which didn’t quite make me cry, but almost.

The stories in question were:

“Recognizing Gabe: un cuento de hadas,” by Alberto Yáñez, Strange Horizons January
Bear in Contradicting Landscape, by David J Schwartz, Apex February
“And the Hollow Space Inside,” by Mari Ness, Clarkesworld February
“Sunlight Society,” by Margaret Ronald, Clarkesworld March

One of them is a surreal, vivid story about a writer who may or may not be controlling reality, one is a sharp and cynical portrayal of superhero special ops, one is a devastating examination of what motherhood means when your daughter has been turned into something close to a machine in order to explore space, and one is a gentle and heart-happy-making story of a young trans boy whose family (and fairy godmother) don’t always say the right thing, but are trying very hard.

I could tell you which story was which, but where would be the fun in that?

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