Mondy’s Recommended Reading – April 2012

Apologies for the hiatus.  My Writer and The Critic duties meant that I didn’t read a single short story for two and a bit months.

For April, I read from:

  • Apex – April
  • Clarkesworld – April
  • Lightspeed – April
  • Aurealis 49
  • Strange Horizons (the April stories)
  • (the April stories)
  • Asimov’s – June
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction (May / June)
  • Interzone – March / April
  • (the April story)
  • One Hundred Stories

Asimov’s – June

Megan Arkenberg, Final Exam – This is the second story from Megan Arkenberg that I’ve recommended this year (the first being this one Megan Arkenberg, How Many Miles to Babylon).  Due to its structure, this story could have been pretentious and forced, but I thought it worked.

Bruce McAllister, Free Range – I just adored this hilarious, but played straight, story about alien owls and chickens.

Fantasy and Science Fiction – May / June

Michael Alexander, The Children’s Crusade – I’m not entirely sure what narrative momentum is other than I know it when I see it.  This story has it in droves.  I’d certainly read a novel or suite of stories set in the same Universe.

Matthew Corradi, City League – I wasn’t that keen on Corradi’s last story for F&SF, but this one did bring a lump in the throat.  It’s about the bond between father and son, but also about what happens when a parent can’t let go.

Interzone – March / April

Suzanne Palmer, Tangerine, Nectarine, Clementine, Apocalypse
Awesome title matched by a very good story and a neat piece of far SF world building.

One Hundred Stories (Rob Shearman)

Lura Poland – Pillow menus!… and Craig Boardman – The best story about circus clowns you’ll read this year.

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