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About Sarah Lee Parker

Sarah P is a unique creature who writes a little or writes a lot, and loves riding the tech wave. She loves her iPad a little too much, and is currently addicted to Twitter.

Sarah P’s Year’s Best 2011

Joanne Anderton ‘From the Dry Heart to the Sea’ After the Rain Jerry Oltion ‘Taboo’ Analog Adam-Troy Castro ‘Hiding Place’ Analog Elizabeth Bear ‘Dolly’ Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Damon Kaswell ‘The Stonecutter’ Electric Velocipede L.L. Hannett ‘Unlocking the God‘ Electric … Continue reading

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Fantasy and Science Fiction January/February 2011

The Comfort of Strangers by Alexander Jablokov delighted me no end. Imagining the various ways races other than humans might connect and have ‘sex’ is always intriguing to me. I enjoyed the interplay of needs and dependence with the interesting … Continue reading

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Up and Coming Lightspeed Stories

October: ‘Her Husband’s Hands‘ by Adam-Troy Castro. A creepy-good (my new word) story about the remnants of war. What does happen when modern technology can ensure most people survive the horrors of war? How do we feel when those remnants … Continue reading

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Silently and Very Fast by Cat Valente

Silently and Very Fast is a limited edition hardback about to be released at Capclave 2011. Copies are only available to Capclave members initially, and if there are any remaining they might be available to purchase. The story itself is … Continue reading

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Ken Liu’s Paper Menagerie

There’s not a lot I can add to Mondy’s review of this story, however I’m going to try anyway. This story has made me cry every time I read it. I read it once, fast, and wept and wept. Next … Continue reading

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Engineering Infinity – A Smorgasbord of Delights

Laika’s Ghost by Karl Schroeder This one was fun! Tying together some lovely old conspiracy theories, I enjoyed all of this. The mishmash of a couple of cultural icons caught my imagination in this story, and I liked this fact … Continue reading

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